Dec 08

Kids Day - Free Admission at both Mobius locations 5-8pm!

Dec 8 - Friday    5pm-8pm

Kids Day at Mobius Children’s Museum and Mobius Science Center!
Washington Trust Bank is hosting FREE admission between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m. for the first 500 attendees at each location! Stop in for family friendly activities including holiday science, crafts and door prizes.

Dec 15

Member Only - Moneyville!

Dec 15 - Friday    5:30 - 7:00pm

Come down and check out our new Moneyville Exhibit, sponsored by Numerica Credit Union! Numerica Credit Union will be sharing tips about how kids can “earn a bounty” for good behavior and learn about how to save money! Plus, we’ll make some budget friendly holiday ornaments to take home and you can add your face to a dollar bill! 


Dec 16

Giant Gingerbread House Decorating at MCM & MSC!

Dec 16 - Saturday    10am - 5pm

Get in the holiday spirit and help us decorate our giant cardboard Gingerbread House… we’ll bring the craft supplies, you bring the imagination! 
*Weekend events are free with daily admission, to enjoy activities at both locations purchase a Bounce Pass for only $12 per person. See Admissions Desk for details.

Dec 19

Last Day for Gift Certificates

Dec 19 - Tuesday    5:00pm

Order before 5:00pm on Tue. 12/19 to receive your mailed gift certificate in time for Christmas (electronic certificates not available). 

Give your loved ones the gift of learning and imagination this holiday season with a gift certificate. Gift a family membership, daily admission, camp or class, birthday party, or even money to the Gift Shop ! Call 509.321.7219 to order a certificate today.  

Dec 24

Closed for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day!

Dec 24 - Sunday   

Both the children's museum and science center are closed Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

Dec 31

Closed for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day!

Dec 31 - Sunday    All Day

Happy New Year! Both the children's museum and science center will be closed today.

Jan 01

Children's Museum & Science Center are closed today!

Jan 1 - Monday    All Day

Happy New Year! Both the children's museum and science center will be closed today.

Jan 26

Member Only - Dissection Night

Jan 26 - Friday    5:30pm - 7:00pm

Have you ever wondered why animal eyes glow at night or how an owl can digest its prey after swallowing it whole? Explore these questions and more during an ooey-gooey evening of dissections! Together we will dissect cow eyeballs and examine owl pellets! Space is limited for dissection, register today!


Feb 09

Member Only - We LOVE our Members!

Feb 9 - Friday    5:30pm - 7:00pm

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Mobius and learn all about the how our heart works! Watch a Mobius educator dissect a pig heart and shatter a rose dipped in liquid nitrogen. Plus, we’ll be making Valentine’s Day crafts!


Mar 16

Member Only - Lucky Leprechauns & Rainbows

Mar 16 - Friday    5:30pm - 7:00pm

Join us for an evening of St. Patrick’s Day chemistry! Learn how to make a rainbow in a straw, build a leprechaun trap, and make the colors of the rainbow explode!


Apr 01

Closed for Easter Sunday

Apr 1 - Sunday    All Day

Both Mobius Children's Museum & Science Center are closed for Easter Sunday. Happy Easter Egg Hunting!!!

Suggested Ages: 2 - 4 yrs old. Parents stay and play in these fun classes.

How to Register: Select an option, based on your membership status, to be directed to PayPal. To Complete Registration: Please continue to click through PayPal until you're led back to a Mobius registration form.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be recieved at least 48 hours in advance to recieve a credit for a future camp/class. In the 48 hours prior to the camp/class, no credit will be issued.

Lil Elves     Wed, Dec. 6   10:30am

We’ll make elf ears and shoes to wear while making a holiday crafts.

Holiday Workshop    Tue, Dec. 12   10:30am

We’ll learn our colors and shapes while making fun holiday ornaments.

Gingerbread Houses     Wed, Dec. 20   10:30am

Get in the holiday spirit while decorating gingerbread houses!

Gingerbread Houses II    Wed, Dec. 20   12:00pm

Get in the holiday spirit while decorating gingerbread houses!

Snow Much FUN!    Thu, Jan. 11   10:30am

We’ll be little engineers while making Igloos and learning snow facts! 

Magical Unicorns!     Wed, Jan. 17   10:30am

We’ll make a pool noodle unicorn that you can ride and learn some fun unicorn facts.   

What does an Owl say? Whoot Whoot!    Wed, Jan. 24   10:30am

We’ll learn all about owls and dissect an owl pellet together to find out what they eat.

Groundhog Day!    Fri, Feb. 2   10:30am

We’ll find out if the Groundhog saw his shadow today and what that means if he did or didn’t! We’ll make Groundhog crafts to wear home!

Valentine’s Day Party!    Wed, Feb. 14   10:30am

We’re excited for all you “Love Bugs” to come and join us for a fun class of Valentine’s Day crafts and activities.  

Dragons!    Thu, Feb. 22   10:30am

We’ll learn all about dragons and make a dragon costume to wear home.   

Dr. Seuss’s Birthday!    Thu, Mar. 1   10:30am

We’ll make a Dr. Seuss hat and silly crafts to celebrate the most fun author in the world, Dr. Seuss!

Lucky Leprechaun!     Wed, Mar. 14   10:30am

We’ll make a lucky leprechaun hat to wear while we create a glittery leprechaun trap to put out on St. Patrick’s Day!

Let's Make Some Noise!    Thu, Mar. 22   10:30am

What does a guitar, drum and rice shaker make… a whole lot of noise! We’ll make our own set of instruments to take home so you can practice making lots of noise.

Rainbows & Sunshine    Thu, Apr. 12   10:30am

We’ll learn about rainbows and sunshine while making colorful crafts!

Earth Day Exploration!     Wed, Apr. 18   10:30am

We’ll plant flowers in a recycled container and make upcycled crafts in this fun Earth Day class!  

Mommy & Me     Thu, May. 10   10:30am

We love moms at Mobius! We’ll decorate flower pots using our fingerprints and plant a grass head to watch grow at home.

Bubbles!     Wed, May. 16   10:30am

We’ll learn some fun bubble facts while making bubble artwork and blowing lots of bubbles. You’ll take home some of our super-secret bubble solution too!

Food Art!    Thu, May. 24   10:30am

Do you love to play in your food? Now you can!  We’ll use apples, skittles and milk to create artwork masterpieces!

Suggested Ages: 4 - 8 years old

How to Register: Select an option, based on your membership status, to be directed to PayPal. To Complete Registration: Please continue to click through PayPal until you're led back to a Mobius registration form.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be recieved at least 48 hours in advance to recieve a credit for a future camp/class. In the 48 hours prior to the camp/class, no credit will be issued.

Elf Workshop I     Thu, Dec. 21   10:00am - 12:00pm

We’ll be using our imagination while creating one-of- a- kind masterpieces and gifts in this holiday workshop.

Elf Workshop II     Thu, Dec. 21   2:00pm - 4:00pm

We’ll be using our imagination while creating one-of- a- kind masterpieces and gifts in this holiday workshop.

Marble Mazes & Legos!     Wed, Dec. 27   10:00am - 12:00pm

We’ll create our own marble mazes with Legos and see if we can get a marble to move from one end to the other… what will you add to your maze to make it A-mazing?!

Slime, Putty & Goo!    Thu, Dec. 28   10:00am - 12:00pm

Campers will make slime, putty, oobleck and more creative concoctions in this camp! We’ll experiment with our formulas to see why adding extra or not enough ingredients makes a difference in their performance. Beware, this camp will be messy!

We can come to you! We offer science shows, a mobile planetarium, and topic-based workshops. Our educators can provide hands-on learning experiences for your group of students, at your location.

Mobius on the Move Science Shows

Do you have a big group interested in science? Check out the Mobius Science Shows! Our Outreach Team loves getting people excited with themed shows, covering areas like chemistry, physics, and even combustion! The team will wow your group with thrilling educational experiments, while explaining the scientific principles behind each demonstration.

   To schedule a science show email

Our Science Shows offer multiple options for you to choose from:

Air: What is air pressure? How much does air weigh? Why is air so important to so many things in our everyday life? Explore the answers to these questions in an exciting, fast-paced set of demonstrations that range from levitation to explosions. Air is what it's all about!

Chemistry: Atoms and molecules and compounds, oh my! Learn the five most common signs of a chemical reaction through a series of outrageous experiments. Potions fizz and beakers bubble as you explore the world of molecular interactions!

Superhero Science: Scientists assemble! Marvel at superhero feats accomplished with the power of science! We'll gain Captain America's strength through physics, recreate Hulk's massive size with chemistry, transform into the Human Torch, and so much more! Learn superhero-sized science with this fantastic demo.

  • Audience: All ages and grades, not just for kids! Ask for information about company events.
  • Group size: Recommended for groups up to 200.
  • Schedule: Shows must be scheduled three weeks in advance and are booked on a space-available basis.
  • Length: 50 min presentation
  • Location: We’ll come to you!
  • Fee: $350 for first show, $250 for subsequent shows in the same day and location
  • Special requirements: Stage/performance space preferred. Some shows require electrical outlets. Also, some shows involve open flame. 

Mobius on the Move Planetarium Shows

Curious about constellations? Interested in meeting our galactic neighbors? Or perhaps learning about the chaotic death of the universe is more your style?

Explore the cosmos with us in the Mobile Planetarium and embark on a tour of the planets, black holes, and more! The universe will come alive for your students in completely accessible and exciting ways. Our collection of videos and 360° imaging is out of this world!

   To schedule a planetarium show email

  • Audience: Grades 2 and up. Ask for information about company events.
  • Group size: Up to 30 elementary students per show or up to 25 adults
  • Schedule: Shows must be scheduled two weeks in advance and are booked on a space-available basis. 
  • Length: Varies, depending on shows and needs. 
  • Location: We’ll come to you!
  • Fee: $275 for first show; $95 per subsequent show at same location and day
  • Special requirements: 25’ x 25’ of floor space, 15’ of vertical clearance, and access to electrical outlets are required. 
  • Accessibility: The mobile planetarium is not wheelchair accessible and viewers must be able to fit through the opening. Additionally, viewers must be comfortable sitting on the floor for up to an hour. The space is not recommended for those with claustrophobia.

Mobius on the Move Outreach STEM Workshops

We can bring a STEM-based workshop to you! Try one of our many workshops to bring fun and exciting inquiry-based science education to your students! All workshops are NGSS aligned and great for taking your biology, physics, chemistry, or engineering content to the next level. Workshops can be tailored to your group's needs.

   To schedule an outreach workshop email


Owl Pellet Dissection Grades K - 5
Ever wondered what happens after an owl enjoys a tasty meal? Learn about this silent hunter and the critters they call dinner by piecing together the bones, feathers, and fur that you find when you dig into owl pellets with us!

Cow Eyeball Dissection Grades 3 - 12
Why do cow eyes glow at night? How similar are their eyes to ours? Explore these questions and more while dissecting a real eyeball! Through this ooey-gooey workshop learn how each piece of the eye works together to give us sight.

Grasshopper Dissection Grades 3-12
How do bugs breathe? Do they have blood like us? And just how many eyes does a grasshopper have?? Get the inside scoop on arthropods by dissecting this common backyard critter!

Frog Dissection Grades 3-12
Open this amphibian up and investigate their digestive system, hopping muscles, and skeletal structure. As fellow vertebrates, frogs share many similarities with humans. This is an excellent introduction to anatomy.

Squid Dissection Grades 3-12
Dissecting a squid can be an inky business! Discover how these marine creatures navigate the oceans and what makes them different from creatures who live above the waves. You’ll even paint with squid ink when you’re done!

DNA Grades K - 12 
Special requirements: Access to sink for disposal. Life is connected by an alphabet of A’s, T’s, C’s, and G’s. Explore the delicate double helix of the DNA molecule by making models with yummy gummies and removing the physical strands of DNA from fruits and vegetables. We all have genes, they just aren’t made of denim! 


Soil Science Grades K - 12
How does soil help plants grow? How can we keep it healthy? In this workshop, younger students will learn what soil is and be introduced to concepts like biodegradability while older students will explore nutrients, pH, and the critters that live in soil. All students will learn how to compost at home and how it works! *Teachers, interested in setting up a classroom vermicompost system? We can help!


pH lab Grades 3 - 12
Special requirements: Access to sink for disposal
In this lab, students will learn the pH properties of acids and bases, test various household materials, and create a vibrant rainbow display of the full pH spectrum! By the end, you’ll even discover if your breath has color -changing powers.


Hovercrafts Grades 3 - 12
Special requirements: electrical outlets. Using common materials and some student ingenuity, engineer a hovercraft to glide across a table on a near frictionless cushion of air!

Bridges Grades 3 - 12
Do you have a crevasse to cross? A trench to traverse? Using design and your own creativity, you’ll build different types of bridges while learning the principles of engineering!

Jets on a String Grades 3 - 12
Special requirements: open, unobstructed spaces. Are you looking for a hands-on experience for promising rocket scientists? Use the same principles of physics as rockets to power a slightly less combustible projectile. Your students will problem solve on the fly!

  • Group size: Up to 30 students
  • Schedule: Please schedule 3 weeks in advance as workshops are booked on a space-available basis.
  • Length: All workshops are 60 minutes. Let us know if you need time adjustments.
  • At your location:
    • 1 workshop - $ 250
      2 workshops (Half Day) - $455
      5 workshops (Full Day) - $850
  • Special requirements: All workshops require tables, chairs, and a designated room for the duration of the workshop. Some workshops may have additional requirements, please see descriptions.
  • Lab safety: Some labs require additional safety precautions, i.e. long hair pulled back, avoiding loose clothing, and close-toed shoes.